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Steve Varholy of WXRY Speaks

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Steve Varholy, the proprietor and voice of WXRY in Columbia, spoke to the Sertoma Club on Monday.

Steve at the podium

Steve at the podium

Steve spoke eloquently about the state of local and corporate radio and the impact of consolidation on the market. Â He also discussed the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and how recent changes in policy have directly impacted local programming. Â For example, as consolidation has occurred more local stations are now under corporate control. Â The corporations, in an attempt to maximize profits, immediately looked for places to decrease budget. Â On air talent was the first place they cut. Â As a result, there are now very few local DJs and most dialogue we hear is recorded.

Overall, it was a fascinating presentation and discussion.

Steve has been a real friend to Sertoma over the years. Â He has consistently promoted events on air and set up live remotes. Â We thank him for attending the meeting and speaking.