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Charles Bierbauer Speaks – Weekly Meeting Update

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Charles Bierbauer, Dean of USC’s College of Mass Communications & Information, was the guest speaker at today’s weekly meeting. Â The topic he chose was politics, at all levels of government – federal, state and local.

Mr. Bierbauer is known for his award-winning, globe-trotting journalism career. Â From 1981 – 2001 he was a correspondent for CNN in Washington. Â He served as the Senior White House Correspondent and covered five presidential campaigns from 1984-2000. Â He also served as the network’s Supreme Court correspondent, among many other things.

In addition to the guest speaker, Joby Castine provided a recap of USC’s victory. Â Neil Sutker, Clemson’s spokesperson in the weekly Coach’s Corner segment, provided the details of Clemson’s football game and told Joby Castine to prepare to be embarrassed. Â Joby also provided a song, which has become his weekly routine.