Columbia South Carolina Sertoma Club - Part of Sertoma International

Sertoma International President Visits & Speaks To Columbia Club

Dan Bartlemay, the new Sertoma International President, visited the Columbia Sertoma Club in July, introduced himself, and explained his plans for taking the organization forward.

Mr. Bartlemay, 74 and a retired JC Penney executive, joined the Aiken SC Sertoma club in 2002 at the request of a friend.  He wanted to be productive and felt he could contribute, so he moved forward.  He’s been busy ever since.

Just a few of his comments about Sertoma and the upcoming year included:

  • During his presidency the international board has committed to hearing health, a long time focus of Sertoma, and building new clubs and relationships where they currently don’t exist.  New clubs are a tool and vehicle to advance the mission. In addition, he’ll work to have a plan in place to streamline the organization by 2020 and will work to develop a program to create future leaders.  Leadership is much needed, so training programs will be developed both at national and local “mini conventions”.  Four new mini conventions will be offered across the country – the first in Columbia, the second in Minnesota, third in Missouri, and the fourth in Denver.  The locations are based on proximity to members with the goal of making no member drive more than 150 miles, pay no more than $50, and take a great message back to their home club.
  • A national leadership summit will take place in February 2017 at the national convention.  The event will take place in Kansas City at the Kaufman Center and the focus will be “train the trainers”.  Seven areas of the country will be the focus for these TTT sessions.
  • The National Hearing Aid Project continues on and is doing well.  The project was started three years ago in New Jersey and it raises money for those living at poverty level that need hearing aids.  The screening and application is done through Montclair State and 13 universities are lined up to work with Sertoma.  Hearing aid collection banks have been started also and three companies have offered to refurbish hearing aids.  The overall project continues to grow and impact lives in a wonderful way.

Mr. Bartlemay ended with a challenge to Sertomans to tell Sertoma stories, be ready to explain the tradition of the club and about the organization, and be visible by wearing pins.  For example, why are we Sertomans? Why do we do what we do?  We have a great tradition and should be very proud of it.

Founded in 1912, Sertoma Inc. has more than 500 clubs in this country, Canada and Mexico. The nonprofit’s headquarters is in Kansas City, Missouri.  National headcount is approximately 10,000.