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Eddie Williams Honored – Carrie Deaton Leads

The December 3 meting at Dupree’s was a good one. Â We learned Eddie Williams, an original member of the club dating back to 1950, will be honored by Governor Haley tonight at the Christmas Tree lighting ceremony. Â Eddie started the company responsible for providing the tree each year and other items making the event so special.

Eddie Williams, an original member of the Columbia Sertoma Club, will be honored by Governor Haley

Carrie Deaton led today’s meeting and did a fantastic job. Â Chris Burnette, current President, could not attend due to work obligations and Carrie masterfully played host. Â Tim Goldman also spoke to the club and assisted Carrie.

Carrie Deaton ran the meeting in place of Chris Burnette. She did a fantastic job

Christina Bickley was the guest speaker. Â She represents the American Diabetes Association and did a great job explaining why the Association is so vital in Columbia and around the country. Â Data interspersed with stories filled the time and again, it was very effective. Â Please support the American Diabetes Association if at all possible.

Christina Bickley from the American Diabetes Association was our guest speaker