Columbia South Carolina Sertoma Club - Part of Sertoma International

2009-2010 Board of Directors Elected

Board Combination of Experience and Youth

2009-2010 Board of Directors — (pictured left to right) Ben Plexico, Dan Felker (District Governor), Ralph Williams, Jim Remsey, Joby Castine, Joe Hodson, Brian Kvam, Tracey Wallace, Chris Burnette, John Alam. Seated: Karen McGrady, Danny Williams.

The Columbia Sertoma Club recently elected its Board of Directors for the upcoming 2009-2010 fiscal year. The Board will be charged with providing guidance and oversight for the organization – something every Board has done since Sertoma was started in 1950.

Board members for 2009-2010 include: Chris Burnette (Chairman), Karen McGrady (President), Brian Kvam (VP), Jim Remsey (VP), Joe Hodson (VP), Joby Castine, Ben Plexico, John Alam, Danny Williams, and new members Ralph Williams and Tracey Wallace.

The Club would like to thank every person elected to the Board and express sincere appreciation for the time and dedication it takes to effectively serve and raise dollars. The club raised more than $116,000 in 2007-2008, and more than $100,000 in 2008-2009.

Columbia Sertoma has raised more than $4 million for local charities since it was started in 1950, including more than $3.3 million for the Carolina Children’s Home.

The club meets every Monday at 12:30 and encourages anyone interested to attend. If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Karen McGrady, please contact Todd Lewis.

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